Master of Art


I selected a group of craftsmen who, for decades, have operated on the Italian and international markets. By coming together, we offer a new way to conceive of living spaces through the applied arts.

We construct furniture, finishings, structures, and unique sculptures. We seek design solutions exclusively through natural materials such as stone, earth, wood, and metal. We shape our creative inspiration by merging it with the wishes of the customer to achieve a shared harmony, which is reflected in the finished space.

Today there is no home, office, shop or public place that does not look like something already seen. Everywhere we find the same furniture, the same styles; there is no longer a sense of the unique personality that inhabits them.

In this context of uniformity, we choose instead to distinguish ourselves.

We attend closely to the sizes, shapes, colors and finishing touches as we create each work, constantly listening to the personality of those who choose us, tuning in to the environment where we work.

Nature is our teacher, and her elements are our medium.