Classic boiseries entail the construction of cladding or other fixed furnishings (bookshelves, wardrobes, doors) for the covering of walls and ceilings. They are created using various inlaid, carved and engraved wooden panels.

Boiseries were very popular in France during the 17th and 18th century for interior decoration. As a result, they spread throughout the whole of Europe, from England to the Austro–Hungarian Empire, to the Tsardom of Russia, to Italy.

Contemporary boiseries can be made up of coverings with simple wooden panelling, nevertheless enriched by frames, as well as the latest modern compositions, in which the frames and decorations are no longer present and are substituted by motifs acquired through different arrangements of the wood’s grain: through the use of mixed essences to create geometric compositions, or by using materials (marble, stone, metal) that combined with wood create unique splendour.

Our boiseries can be created using every kind of wood in every kind of style. Upon request, we can also use antique wood obtained from reclaimed beams. There are various finishing options: ranging from polished to hand-planed wood; from buffing with natural products (wax, oil) to embellishing with patina; from finishing with shellac, lacquering by machine or brush in any colour imaginable, to the use of gold and silver plating.