Fabrics, finishings and decorations

We propose tailored solutions for hotels, restaurants, houses and boats.

Sofas and Armchairs

We create sofas and armchairs of every kind, for every need. We also specialise in the refurbishment and restoration of sofas and armchairs that have ‘been around’ and which have, over time, become cosy family nests. Bound to formal aesthetic values, these are sofas that have become precious and delicate antiques, and are therefore worthy of being restored to their original splendour.

Bedcovers and Quilts

We create beds, bedcovers and quilts following the most careful artisanal techniques, using top quality textiles and linings according to clients’ tastes.


We take care of everything to do with textiles and the home. We create custom items and use materials of exclusive quality.

Classic curtains: crinkled; stretched or relaxed Roman blinds; smooth, draped, lined or shaded pelmets.

Modern curtains: panelled; vertical; Venetian; roller blinds, both shaded and decorated.