As soon as he finished school, Martin started work as a photographer. After a brief career in advertising he attended the Antroposofica Alanus ad Alfter Academy of Art in Bonn and took part in collective exhibitions in the cities of Bonn, Cologne, Dusseldorf and Siegburg. Since 1988 he has lived and worked in Milan, where he combines his work as an artist with teaching at the Steiner School of Pedagogy, the St. Luke Anthroposophical Academy of Art and the Cinabro Specialist School of Pedagogy in Art: this allows him to maintain a constant “childlike inspiration”. Since 2010 he has been a full member of the Fine Art Society.

His work has mostly been in the field of sculpture, but he has continued to apply himself to pictorial expression, which converges with his photography. In his sculpture he tends to use marble, gypsum, limestone, granite and, in rare cases, bronze, which he works so that it is left scarred and cracked, as if it were suffering from powerful internal tensions. His sculptures are modern obelisks on a human scale, where the forms are not perfect geometrical planes but seem born of agonised internal searching expressed in lines, angles, dihedrals, split volumes and flat surfaces. Or else they are marble discs resting on the earth: tectonic plates rising up with superhuman effort, or flashes of light condensed into stone upon touching the ground.

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