Our craftsmanship is often expressed in the form of applied arts; working with foresight and turning our ideas into physical creations in order to stir up emotions. The creator’s mental and physical capabilities, taking form in a final “product-object”, introduce creative and interactive values to the process go beyond the basic concepts of living, furnishing and inhabiting; using a method with is both more deliberate and more natural.

We continue to maintain and develop an identity which is devoted to the artisanal production of designer objects and furnishing accessories, where project and creative culture, artisanal know-how and outstanding decorative methods combine to produce items of great value and quality.

Earth, hands, water and fire; basic natural elements, which when combined with inspiration and emotion, form the core of our work. An inner force drives the creator to give form and beauty to material which is warm, alive, and poignant.

We produce unique items, designed and decorated by hand, mindful of creating value both artistically and in terms of quality. The selection and combination of the best and most resistant clays, research into varnishes, glazes and materials, and the artist-craftsman’s taste and experience, come to life in objects which display precision of form, attention to detail and sophisticated decoration using slow firing at high temperatures. All of these elements come together to inspire moments of fascination and reflection.


Hand made by Carla&Simone Poletti