For over many centuries the technique and refinement of our “trade – business” have particularly contributed to render daily living spaces fascinated environments.

The artefacts in natural stone that we realize are the results of such a work, expanded in the field for more than 40 years, beginning from the choice in the quarries of the labs and of the primary elements that we forge and shape.

It is in our workshop in Seveso (MB) that we apply this difficult, tiring and demanding art of imagining and realising a masterpiece made of natural stone. Nature invites us to discover treasures hidden inside stones blocks, which shows us a bit at the time whilst cutting, polishing and putting together up to realising a perfect work and to show all its beauty which for centuries has been hidden in the ground.

Our artefacts/products (from the smallest article to other more impressive/important work) can be differently treated, polished, brushed, shined, frosted, aged, and finally plastered with transparent resins


Made by Giuseppe Dell’Erba